First off – thanks to Charles Rivet whose blog posting on disclosure formed the foundation of my page…


There is an interesting challenge facing those, like myself, that are deciding to share their thoughts and opinions.  It is not so much an issue of having these ideas — instead it is an issue of having those ideas flung widely across the digital divide at the speed of light.

Though an old study, I did find an article in Wired interesting in that employers are taking issue (and reprimanding) employees whose blogging ideas “violating corporate blogging … policies”.

While I can theorize that the coin that holds this issue has more than two sides.  Regardless of my or public opinion, it is within everyone’s best interest to make an appropriate attempt at balancing the freedom of expression through speech and corporate interest.

Basic tenets

First of all, if you read my biography you will clearly see that I am employed by the IBM Corporation.  While part of the intent of my blog will be to share the passion of my experiences and business insights, it is not to act as or be a surrogate of the beliefs of my employer.  I do not receive any form of compensation from IBM for my blogging activities. My thoughts are my own, as well as my experiences, interpretations, perspectives, ideas and opinions arising from these experiences.  All mine… For better or for worse…  So please don’t go blaming someone else for that which I have expressed.

In the spirit of maintaining the balance I expressed above, I do intend to strive to follow IBM’s blogging guidelines – a key element of which is transparency – So for the record:

  • I work for IBM – As the leader of the Global Process, Methods and Tools organization within Global Business Services (GBS)
  • I have great passion and enthusiasm for my work at IBM (i.e. I like working for IBM)
  • My license plate used to read “BIGBLUE” (I’m currently working in Ireland, where there is no such thing as personalized license plates … and that is OK.)
  • It has been a dream of mine since the time I started playing with technology and was enthralled with my first computer (an Apple II – Thanks Jobs and Woz!) that I wanted to work for IBM
  • My hope is to retire from IBM when the appropriate time comes (get my kids through high school, college, etc…)

So, here are a few ways in which I intend to “get the balance right”, to quote a wonderful song from one of my favorite alternative artists, Depeche Mode:

  1. I will not engage in rumor starting or spreading – I am not a gossip columnist
  2. I will not comment on speculation or unfounded information
  3. I am not a stock analyst or financial guru, so I will not be giving stock tips or trying to share “wink, wink.” inside information – sadly, I am not intelligent enough to do that, if I wanted.
  4. Flame wars and other bashing of either individuals, my employer or any other party will not be tolerated – I am sure there are other forums for that kind of banter.
  5. RESPECT everybody – period.
  6. more to come as I feel the need.

Also, I am intending on keeping both an external blog (publicly available) and in internal blog (available to my colleagues in IBM) and cross posting blog entries where appropriate.


All opinions expressed in any of these blogging forums is strictly my own, and do NOT represent those of IBM, IBM management, or anyone else.   All errors in this blog are my own.

I believe we are all on a journey, together, therefore mistakes or error will be made – please feel free to point them out, in an manner which is both decent and appropriate.  I will do my utmost to correct.

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